Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nice Day for a Beautiful Geocache

My day off, and the weather was warm enough to try for at least one cache today.  I had been on this small road before but didn't go as deep into it.  I was suprised at the sudden switch to dirt and gravel and the rough condition of the road.  My minivan has busted suspension all around and shoddy rear brakes, so it was a bit of a white knuckle affair.  It was worth it, this old chuch and graveyard were very nice to check out.

You can see an adjacent hillside across from the church, it kind of gives you an idea how high and how far in the boondocks I had gone.  For being just a few miles off the main road, it seems like you are worlds apart.

The cache was very easy to find, and while it is listed as a micro, it was more than roomy enough for me to leave a little bean dude for swag.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Made in the USA possible?

So, I am reading about the horrible tragedy in Bangladesh, with well over a hundred factory workers killed by a ground floor fire.  Not a single emergency exit, 3 stairways that go right to the ground floor fire.  Disgusting.  Walmart is one of their leading buyers.  I wouldn't be surprised to find they were locked in these sweatshops. This makes me seriously questioning whether its possible to buy all american.  Sure, taking their jobs away wont help conditions necessarily, but if enough people do this, walmart who CAN affect real change with their huge buying power will be forced to demand better conditions in their supply chain.

Now having said that, I am far from wealthy lol  Right now I have 2 shopping carts online filled with tools and items i plan to purchase and its almost a lock it all comes from china or some other country. Cant help but feel like a hypocrite but there are things (for the van especially) I must have and have cheaply.  I won't feel half as excited about it however even if they propel me toward my goals in life.

Probably for the first time in my life I have some of those, and want to work toward them.  I've always just floated through life, doing what I thought I was supposed to do and nothing more.  Living was just enough.  While I do believe in taking happiness in small things even now, I do want to lead a more fulfilling life as well.

I'll have to think on this idea and maybe find some middle ground.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving, and Geocaching

Well thanksgiving was pretty fun.  Despite being tired from work, I had a good time and the food was delicious.    While waiting for the grub me and Sam T. went and snagged my GPSr and looked for some nearby geocaches.

If you aren't sure what geocaching is, its a worldwide treasure hunt using geocaching coordinates.  You logon to http://www.geocaching.com website and find where people hide them, then go out and locate them.  Some are pretty easy to find right off the road, but others are very complex puzzles, similar to

Finally taking the bloggin plunge

Well I have piddled around with blogspot in the past and considered many times about starting my own blog, I inevitably came to the conclusion that my life has nothing interesting enough to blog about.  While this may not have changed, certainly your opinion may lean this way, I decided I wanted to at least chronicle my new hobby, which is geocaching.  I think I will also be chronicling my adventures in vandwelling and conversion, which will begin soon.