Sunday, December 30, 2012

Broke and bummed out..

World of White and Gray

Feeling in a slump lately.  As usual around this time of year I over spent on stuff (the main culprit being a new prepay phone) and now I'm broke and waiting for pay day.   Its been a while since I have been nervously anticipating a pay day, as I have been trying to keep a little something in savings.  Burning that on the van has left me back into the scrounge zone, and while I know that another month or so will get me back where I'm comfortable, it is the waiting that kills me lol

I think I need to stop reading the news.  It really does start to get to you after reading about all the tragedy (shootings, that poor indian girl, etc).  I know that turning a blind eye to the horrors in the world doesn't make them less horrific or disappear, but I realize that knowing about things I can not change is not going to help either.  The end result is I feel bad, and the media gets another click through to generate ad revenue.  It's funny because a long time ago I had stopped watching news on television for essentially the same reasons, but then tune right in to yahoo or other online resources for my daily dose of depression or angst. 

This time of year isn't helpful either.  As I work nights, the amount of daylight I get is a precious but slim margin as it is.   Constant overcast and shorter days means I haven't even seen the sun for days or weeks at a time.  I don't think humans are made for this kind of thing.  Combine with the cold temperatures (and aching joints) and it just makes a recipe for moping in bed most of the time I'm not working.

Lets hope for a short winter, and things to start looking up.

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