Sunday, December 9, 2012

Traveling Kids

Last night was an interesting night at the motel, where i work.  Some young people came by to seek shelter from the downpour last night.  I didn't mind if they stayed out there under my awning (couldn't get a room).  I was surprised they had 2 dogs with them, though I know it is a common practice with vagabond youth.  I let them stay, though I am sure my security guys were a little unhappy, I had to shoo one away...i think he thought i was one of them in my black hoodie.

Well I noticed it was getting colder and the rain wasn't letting up.  After talking a little about their travels I offered to let them crash in my minivan. 

Will they all fit?  Why yes!

Their body heat would keep them pretty cozy in there with the dogs and the sleeping bags they had.  I was a little surprised by the immediate wave of gratitude.  It almost made me feel ashamed it took me so long to think of it.

One of them gave me a smoothed seashell in gratitude, pictured above.  I was very grateful, and it is a very cool thing i haven't seen before.  I have no idea if they made it, found it or what, but it is cool and has a special place with my geo swag i've found so far.  Mementos of my little adventures.

Well the rain abated as they set out and as i went past the on ramp i saw them loading up into the back of a pickup, off toward california, miles upon miles across this great country.  I don't know their reasons for being out there, but i found i didn't care.  They were nice, interesting people, and really that's what counts.

God bless them, and safe travels to those out there pursuing their own freedom.  I hope to join you, one day.


  1. Good on you DG! Nice gesture and I am sure they appreciated it greatly...

  2. That's a wonderful story. One hopes they will find happiness and security wherever they go from here. You did your part in ensuring they are safe and dry. Good on ya.