Saturday, January 26, 2013


Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad.   I usually only heat my bedroom and sometimes my bathroom.  Unfortunately this isn't good for the 12 pack of sodas I had sitting in the kitchen on the of them exploded.  At least the mess was somewhat contained by the pack.

I have tried to heat the rest of the house just to see what kind of bill difference it made.  The previous bill was 16 bucks or so.  The bill with the heat on some of the days ran it up to 115!  Wow, what a difference.  So...i moved the cans into my bedroom and dripped the faucet to avoid more accidents.  Now if my can goods start popping their lids I'll cave in and heat it a little each day.

Looking forward to ditching all these bills and living in the van.


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    1. Yep, luckily we are halfway to spring :) Then again I hope to be in the van this spring if I can get out of my lease and convert the van.