Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Insulation, Change of Plans, and Cabinets

Not bad for $17

The plan was to do foam board insulation, which was going to be great and cost about 15-20 bucks to do the van.  Well on closer inspection, the panels were actually beveled, meaning they are wedge shaped in thickness.  Unfortunately the thickest ends were just too thick to fit.  So I went with plan B, which is refectix.  They had huge spools of it there, and while they are only 9 inches in width, its only 17 dollars for the roll you see above.  I don't know how long the roll is, but it fills the van from wheel to wheel.  The plan is now to insulate the inside of panels with this.  I am more worried about heat in the summer than cold in the winter, so foil is going to be facing the shell of the van.  This is counter to just about everyone I seen, who put the reflectix on the can shell itself, to reflect heat inward.  I might do that too if it looks like I have enough after doing the first panel.

Only thing i am worried about is the dead space in between the shell and the reflectix, could this rust out the inside of the van?  I'm thinking it will be ok, as the moisture is inside the panels and reflectix acts as a vapor barrier.  It isnt a huge deal anyway, nothing can stop the rust on this van, which is turning out worse than expected anyway.

Cabinet Doors $3 each
 We also looked at all the cabinets they had there, and started really thinking about my options.  I think we have a decent plan.  We decided to go with custom cabinets (read: plywood), with new facing and doors.  Each of the facings (with working doors) is 3 bucks a piece.  They are very nice looking.  They had bigger ones with drawer slots etc, basically the facing to a whole kitchen cabinet for 5$ each.  They sold other complete cabinet sets for like 70 dollars and massive sets for like 300, but it will be much cheaper to do plywood with facing.

The people at the outreach were very help volunteers.   God Bless them...I can't help but be thankful to the Lord for just the ministry i need, at just the place and time I need it.

The guy even helped carry stuff out to the van to tinker around with ideas and what would fit.  I wish I could teleport this stuff to other vandweller friends online.  :)

I was hoping to put up the foam today since its a crazy 70+ outside, but I have to wait for the panels.  I decided to go with actual plywood for them, just directly screwed to ribs. 

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