Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Van Insulation, and A Busted Chomper

I started to feeling lately that I haven't been working toward any of my goals, either long term financial ones or short term plans of converting my van into a living space.  So I finally snagged Sam (my uber handy brother in law) and went down to the outreach center.  I wasn't going for spiritual guidance, but to look at insulation for my van.  In a peculiar but seemingly effective idea for a charity mission, a local church created an outreach that "takes donations" (read: sells) home building materials for practically nothing.  All they ask is to sign up as a member, listen to a little preaching when you sign up, and volunteer some time unloading the truck or something.

I'm not a member but Sam is, so bonus.  When I say they sell the stuff cheap, i mean it.  Sam snagged a sink there for like 14 dollars for my van.  It probably retails for 50-80 bucks for something similar.  The insulation I am interested in are 4 foot by 4 foot foam squares of various thickness.  They take 'donations' of $1.50 per inch of thickness.  Since I only need about an inch in a van or maybe even 3/4", we guess 15 bucks or so to insulate the entire van (plus maybe some adhesive).   That is pretty awesome. 

Unfortunately temperatures have dropped to the teens and in the negatives with wind chill, so we put grabbing them and starting conversion work until it warms up some.

I think I swallowed the Red Part :(

Tragedy strikes!  I was eating a burrito from a local haunt, and it had some rice in there that was hard and dried out.  Gross but manageable.  Except that a piece shattered my tooth (an upper 'fang') and left me very worried about it.  It basically split the entire length, sheering off a quarter of the tooth, and I need to get it pulled before it breaks at the gum line.  I already have one that did that and the broken tooth is laying in wait under my gums to get infected and kill me.   I just can't afford to have it taken out, because it requires surgery which is expensive. 

Having this new broken tooth removed will be cheaper and doable, but it won't be cheap.  With the cold making the electric bills skyrocket I can feel my goals getting yet further away. 


  1. Can you have the tooth rebuilt? Maybe it can still be saved... Good luck with the dental travails. Sometimes unexpected expenses always set us back. It took me a while to get out of my apartment too...

  2. I don't know if it be saved, but if it can I am sure it will cost more than having it ripped out. Sucks its not a back tooth, so I will look like a yokel or something but I'm more worried about pain than looks.

  3. How's your tooth now?
    Hope you got it squared away? Such a pity to lose a good tooth like that since today's technology can more than save it and give you many years more of service.
    Our healthcare system royally sucks.
    We could give everyone medical and dental coverage for life if we were not exploding our money away overseas. :( Sorry, got a bit carried away...

    1. Sorry, for some reason Im not getting notification of messages :\ Anyway, the tooth is mostly the same, it hasn't snapped yet. I'm funneling money into the van now, with the hopes of taking care of this stuff when im out of the apartment cycle.

      A larger problem than the wasteful gov spending is the crazy cost of healthcare (someone related tho). 16 dollars for an aspirin tells you something is wrong.