Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conversion slowly moving forward

I decided to go ahead and make life a little easier at the cost of, so I bit the bullet and purchased a fantastic fan vent for the van.  I got it on ebay for $98, the person had good ratings.  I was shocked to see it arrived only 2 days later....and I just paid for UPS ground (tho it was kinda pricey at 14 bucks, I guess its just the size and weight).  I also took a trip to lowes and decided to go ahead and get the foil backed styrofoam panels (4x8).  It ran me under $50 for 6 of them...if that isn't enough ill make up the rest with the narrow reflectix knockoff I have.

The target for insulating at least the sides is to have it done by monday.  I'll post with pics when I get it done.

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