Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Floor Matters...

Work is progressing, usually on my days off from work.   We patched the holes in the floor as best we could with sheet metal...we really lacked the tools to do a proper job but at least they are covered.  I laid reflectix over the floor as an insulating barrier, then plywood on top.  We used a lot of scrap pieces but in the end it all got covered pretty well.  The self tapping screws were a little large, but you work with what ya got.

The original idea was to put down rhino-liner, but I felt it was just too much money for the floor.  So, i went down to the outreach center again to see if they had any good deals on flooring.  Well, turns out they had a huge box of carpet tiles.  I didn't really want carpet for a number of reasons, but it was 24 cents for each 18" x 18" tile.  That means i could get 40 of them for 10 bucks, and 5 bucks more for 5 gallons of adhesive.  This was too cheap to pass up.  I am not real thrilled with the pattern on them, but it isn't terrible either.   It will certainly keep clean easily as far as carpet goes.

The rails above will be used to assist the futon in sliding out later. 


  1. Pattern looks good to me. Looks like you are closer to your goal of being free.

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