Saturday, July 27, 2013

Geocaching, you are not forgotten!

I've been very occupied with living in the van and everything, so i put geocaching on the back burner.  I did take it out at the lake, where there is a couple spots around.  the make up of the lake and dam structure is strange, even though you can see the other parts of the lake there are 3 different access points around the lake, and some are a 10 mile drive from the other (and about 5 minutes across the water lol).

Unfortunately this makes locating stuff with the GPS strange and confusing.  I thought i might be onto one, and headed down a trail but i came to a dead end.  As the terrain difficulty was low,  and i was face with either rock climbing or diving off some rocks and swimming, I must have been on the wrong trail...literally.

My batteries died fairly quickly and I had to give up...but I am armed with fully charged up replacements, and might spend some time this weekend trying my luck at the other access points. 

Nice view, and pinnochio's spoon

Getting ready for a nap before work, not a bad view out the door :)

On a more mundane note, I got a chuckle out of this spoon.  Who are you trying to convince here mcDonalds?  lol

I can do anything now...ANYTHING

ok, well, i can power anything.  Well, almost anything  lol

Finally have my inverter woo!  Also picked up a cheap little voltage display.  Man, this thing had such insanely tiny wires, you should have heard me curse this thing as i tried to splice it into another wire that could actually fit the terminals to the battery.  I think i cut the red wire 10 times till only a stub was left before i got enough stripped to twist onto a thicker wire.  cheap chinese buggers :(

The display didn't have a back to it, just the microchip and wires out the i just took the box it came in and cut a hole to stick it into, and it worked out well :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Its so easy, being breezy...

Ciggy Socket

Well here is the roadpro 12v fan i bought.  It worked suprisingly well, but i think i want something with a little more power and easier to place or hang..

This one had a lot of power, think i can fit it in the van?  lol!

I went ahead and settled for something between the two.  I turned in the fan and got this roadpro tornado for couple bucks less.  I really like the clip and it swivels in ANY direction.   It moves a ton of air especially on high.  But it is LOUD, on high it sounds like the stepson of a vacuum and a hair dryer.  At about half power it is more tolerable but it always makes a high pitch whine.  Really moves air though and on its highest setting uses 2.5 amps or so.

As i look at this thing, it got me thinking.   I need an air intake but couldnt figure out how to make it work with a fan.  well this thing already has a casing and the noise might not bother me as much mounted under the floor =P  Maybe a duct or something in the floor to bring the air up and over my bed.   hmm...have to think on this one.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Or so I thought....

Well my last spot i mentioned is gone now too.   It kinda irks me that i live in 'wild wonderful' west virginia but you cant find any place to sleep for a few hours without wonderful cash in hand. 

Apparently it isn't in a grey zone, but an option i hadn't considered...private property.   The property owner was nice about it but made it pretty clear he wanted me to be gone by 4pm.   Its strange because there is this sign there like you see in the public parks about boating down the elk river (seen in picture above), so i woulda swore it was public.   Im really bummed out...its 90 degrees today and i was comfortable in the van in that air off the river and total shade.  :'(

He seemed to indicate that i had been staying there for days.  It made me think...even tho i hadn't been there everyday (using the 'rotation' method bob suggests), if people aren't noticing when you aren't there it could just seem like you never left.  I also thought it would somehow matter that i park in the day time and never at night (as i work nights), but i guess early am isn't much different than overnight to people who don't notice you there until later in the day.

With only 3 spots left, I need to find new ones, before those dry up also.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Made in the shade....

This is one of my favorite spots for sleeping.  Its at a little kayak launch point just off a little road.  [strike]I think this falls in a jurisdictional grey zone as the road is public on the edge of town, but its right on the river and it leads to one side of the dam that has no park, just a mountain bike trail.  So i dont think its a regular park of any particular agencies rounds.[/strike]  It is 100% shaded throughout the day and i back up to a tree and brush on a cliff that goes to the river, so i can leave it open for airflow and a nice view. 

View from front of van

From the rear door

This old bridge used to be how you crossed on a car...scarey prospect back then, but a nice piece of scenery as a footbridge.

You may notice on the light poll, big brother is watching...tho i doubt they monitor it all the time.  probably required to have it there because of the dam access.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My life with pictures!

Note: I have decided to archive a lot of my blog posts from cheaprvliving onto this blog as well, so sorry if this is redundant for some of you.   I am consolidating several forum threads from over there into one blog though.  They plan to have a site overhaul soon and I want copies of everything for posterity.  So sorry if the dates don't match up or something is a little off in the wording!

Went for a little hike at the local lake, and hung out with some ducks for a while.  The ducks paid off, as a hottie in a bikini walked up and i gave her daughter some bread to feed em and got some nice conversation.  ;)

Sutton Lake

Think I can make it?  Maybe with some strong rope =)

Hanging out with the van...

..and the duckies

This little guy was jealous I think, and was eyeballing us

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


(this post is an archive of my blog at cheaprvliving)

Today i drove like 200 hundred miles to get my batteries, on very little sleep.  I almost didn't make it   I wasn't sure what i needed as far as wires and stuff to hook them up together and hopefully to my fantastic vent.  Well some googling and following bobs article on solar I figured it out.  I didn't have the right tools and couldn't find one that could do the bigger wires and i checked like 2 different local places....but i did find a more universal one that with some finagling and grunting got it to work.  Its funny because after buying the wire, which i know isn't the best, and the tool and the ends....i found some all nice and done up at the pilot for about 5 dollars more than i paid overall.  :\  Oh well.  

I have the fan hooked directly to the battery.  I was taking a risk (of hurting the fan) that following bobs diagram was enough, because i couldnt afford the volt meter to test it. Im pretty sure i should have the batteries hooked to a fuse box or something that you then wire everything to but right now its all i can afford. 

Im sure today, for no reason he could understand,  wrcsixeight shed a tear suddenly.  Sorry my friend.  lol

And its getting hotter.  I was extremely relieved when the fan cam on and seemed to be working normally.  A charger is on the way, and once again the waiting game begins till next paycheck =P  I do plan to build a box for them...the current placement is temporary.