Saturday, July 27, 2013

Geocaching, you are not forgotten!

I've been very occupied with living in the van and everything, so i put geocaching on the back burner.  I did take it out at the lake, where there is a couple spots around.  the make up of the lake and dam structure is strange, even though you can see the other parts of the lake there are 3 different access points around the lake, and some are a 10 mile drive from the other (and about 5 minutes across the water lol).

Unfortunately this makes locating stuff with the GPS strange and confusing.  I thought i might be onto one, and headed down a trail but i came to a dead end.  As the terrain difficulty was low,  and i was face with either rock climbing or diving off some rocks and swimming, I must have been on the wrong trail...literally.

My batteries died fairly quickly and I had to give up...but I am armed with fully charged up replacements, and might spend some time this weekend trying my luck at the other access points. 

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