Tuesday, July 2, 2013


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Today i drove like 200 hundred miles to get my batteries, on very little sleep.  I almost didn't make it   I wasn't sure what i needed as far as wires and stuff to hook them up together and hopefully to my fantastic vent.  Well some googling and following bobs article on solar I figured it out.  I didn't have the right tools and couldn't find one that could do the bigger wires and i checked like 2 different local places....but i did find a more universal one that with some finagling and grunting got it to work.  Its funny because after buying the wire, which i know isn't the best, and the tool and the ends....i found some all nice and done up at the pilot for about 5 dollars more than i paid overall.  :\  Oh well.  

I have the fan hooked directly to the battery.  I was taking a risk (of hurting the fan) that following bobs diagram was enough, because i couldnt afford the volt meter to test it. Im pretty sure i should have the batteries hooked to a fuse box or something that you then wire everything to but right now its all i can afford. 

Im sure today, for no reason he could understand,  wrcsixeight shed a tear suddenly.  Sorry my friend.  lol

And its getting hotter.  I was extremely relieved when the fan cam on and seemed to be working normally.  A charger is on the way, and once again the waiting game begins till next paycheck =P  I do plan to build a box for them...the current placement is temporary.

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