Friday, July 19, 2013

Its so easy, being breezy...

Ciggy Socket

Well here is the roadpro 12v fan i bought.  It worked suprisingly well, but i think i want something with a little more power and easier to place or hang..

This one had a lot of power, think i can fit it in the van?  lol!

I went ahead and settled for something between the two.  I turned in the fan and got this roadpro tornado for couple bucks less.  I really like the clip and it swivels in ANY direction.   It moves a ton of air especially on high.  But it is LOUD, on high it sounds like the stepson of a vacuum and a hair dryer.  At about half power it is more tolerable but it always makes a high pitch whine.  Really moves air though and on its highest setting uses 2.5 amps or so.

As i look at this thing, it got me thinking.   I need an air intake but couldnt figure out how to make it work with a fan.  well this thing already has a casing and the noise might not bother me as much mounted under the floor =P  Maybe a duct or something in the floor to bring the air up and over my bed.   hmm...have to think on this one.

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