Friday, July 12, 2013

My life with pictures!

Note: I have decided to archive a lot of my blog posts from cheaprvliving onto this blog as well, so sorry if this is redundant for some of you.   I am consolidating several forum threads from over there into one blog though.  They plan to have a site overhaul soon and I want copies of everything for posterity.  So sorry if the dates don't match up or something is a little off in the wording!

Went for a little hike at the local lake, and hung out with some ducks for a while.  The ducks paid off, as a hottie in a bikini walked up and i gave her daughter some bread to feed em and got some nice conversation.  ;)

Sutton Lake

Think I can make it?  Maybe with some strong rope =)

Hanging out with the van...

..and the duckies

This little guy was jealous I think, and was eyeballing us

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