Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Or so I thought....

Well my last spot i mentioned is gone now too.   It kinda irks me that i live in 'wild wonderful' west virginia but you cant find any place to sleep for a few hours without wonderful cash in hand. 

Apparently it isn't in a grey zone, but an option i hadn't considered...private property.   The property owner was nice about it but made it pretty clear he wanted me to be gone by 4pm.   Its strange because there is this sign there like you see in the public parks about boating down the elk river (seen in picture above), so i woulda swore it was public.   Im really bummed out...its 90 degrees today and i was comfortable in the van in that spot...cool air off the river and total shade.  :'(

He seemed to indicate that i had been staying there for days.  It made me think...even tho i hadn't been there everyday (using the 'rotation' method bob suggests), if people aren't noticing when you aren't there it could just seem like you never left.  I also thought it would somehow matter that i park in the day time and never at night (as i work nights), but i guess early am isn't much different than overnight to people who don't notice you there until later in the day.

With only 3 spots left, I need to find new ones, before those dry up also.

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