Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geocaching, and solving practical problems :)

"Me?  I solve practical problems.  Like when some Mother Hubbard soda cup is too big for this little old cup holder."  (TF2 reference..sorry :P)

Problem solved..

So anyway, i decided on a whim to do some geocaching at Holly Gray park.  Its a cute little park near a small airport.  They have a couple little league diamonds, tennis court, horse stable and couple little tracks or whatever the horses run in.  They also have a nice couple of ponds and pavilions, and its kind of a boy scout camp headquarters.  There are myriad boyscout trails and campground areas and such back behind the park. 

The geocache listing had the thing on these trails, and i ended up taking this circuitous route up a mountains and along a ridge....and i was a little annoyed that i ended up right behind the park a few hundred feet up the hill.  I should'nt have bothered with the trail and it woulda took me like 2 minutes instead of an hour lol   Oh well, i need the exercise anyway.  The hint to where to look wasn't too hot, it mentioned looking for roots of a fallen tree, and they are everywhere.  The spot was actually a massive indentation in the ground..i guess the tree root structure was ripped up here but its long since grown over.  I was so happy to find it too, as i was about to give up!

Mission (finally) accomplished!

My reward was 4 black Marbles that were inside the cache :D

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bikers for Babies

This one is to all you motocycle people out there.    I went to the bikers for babies rally here, it was kind of cool though it was earlier and things just starting.  I don't know squat about motocycles other than they look cool and get good mileage but the people were all nice.  They had two stunt riders doing tricks too, tho i was a little worried that they didnt have much of anything to stop a bike from flying into the kids and crowd who were watching. 

Now for some motorcycle fan service :)


I was more intrigued by the really historical ones:

And of course the stunt guys were cool

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Battle of Bulltown 3

This is the well, which was vital in the soldiers being able to hold out, it is the only remaining original structure still relatively intact of the actual entrenchments (tho the farmstead has buildings). 

Here you can clearly see the confederate staging/artillery point that I was earlier.  I am pointing to where i took the photo above :)

Can you imagine trying to assault this trench from below?  I guess thats why a frontal assault wasn't happening :P

I really really enjoyed reading this passage, and was probably my favorite thing on this trip:

I went to the farmstead next.  I thought it was hilarious that the guy who owned the farm was against the army encamped on it.  I don't think the shot in his butt was an accident at all   :P

Don't forget ye olde outhouse..

And finally, this is what they were fighting for, the Turnpike.    I wanted to walk down it for a while but i took a trail already to get here and was running out of gas.  Maybe some other time I'll go hiking :)

Battle of Bulltown 2

Now things get interesting.  The union entrenchments are kind of build up and preserved as a historic site, and there is more to see.  I think you can click any of these pictures and it will take you to a slideshow, if you want to go that route.

I really loved reading the dialogue these soldiers had, they were full of grit  :)  "I'll fight you till hell freezes over and if need be retreat on the ice!"

This is the entrance to the union fortification, or i guess the rear entrenchment/lookout?

After that, you take a pretty long but wide trail through the woods to get to the main area....as I walked this getting some good exercise I was imagine what it musta been like to march soldiers through this area or even fight in all these trees. 

The Battle of Bulltown 1

So about ten miles from my work is the location of the Battle of Bulltown.  On a whim i drove out there and explored a little, and hard a great time.  The battle had the Confederate army staged on one hill (more like small mountains), and the Union army entrenched directly across on another hill, with the gully river in between.  It was a battle to control the waterway (and a covered bridge spanning it) and a graded dirt road/turnpike.    I first went to the confederate side.   You have to drive a good 5 miles or so to get from one point to the other, unless you like to mountain climb and swim :D  The really cool part is you can see the confederate area across the mount from the union side, and imagine the two firing artillery at each other. 

There isn't much to see on the confederate side.  There is a cleared hillside, a mass grave (7 really) and some stone remnants of the fortifications.  You can look out over the opposite mountain where the union fortification is, but it isn't easily visible through the trees...but the reverse isn't true (as ill show later).