Thursday, August 15, 2013

Battle of Bulltown 3

This is the well, which was vital in the soldiers being able to hold out, it is the only remaining original structure still relatively intact of the actual entrenchments (tho the farmstead has buildings). 

Here you can clearly see the confederate staging/artillery point that I was earlier.  I am pointing to where i took the photo above :)

Can you imagine trying to assault this trench from below?  I guess thats why a frontal assault wasn't happening :P

I really really enjoyed reading this passage, and was probably my favorite thing on this trip:

I went to the farmstead next.  I thought it was hilarious that the guy who owned the farm was against the army encamped on it.  I don't think the shot in his butt was an accident at all   :P

Don't forget ye olde outhouse..

And finally, this is what they were fighting for, the Turnpike.    I wanted to walk down it for a while but i took a trail already to get here and was running out of gas.  Maybe some other time I'll go hiking :)

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