Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Geocaching, and solving practical problems :)

"Me?  I solve practical problems.  Like when some Mother Hubbard soda cup is too big for this little old cup holder."  (TF2 reference..sorry :P)

Problem solved..

So anyway, i decided on a whim to do some geocaching at Holly Gray park.  Its a cute little park near a small airport.  They have a couple little league diamonds, tennis court, horse stable and couple little tracks or whatever the horses run in.  They also have a nice couple of ponds and pavilions, and its kind of a boy scout camp headquarters.  There are myriad boyscout trails and campground areas and such back behind the park. 

The geocache listing had the thing on these trails, and i ended up taking this circuitous route up a mountains and along a ridge....and i was a little annoyed that i ended up right behind the park a few hundred feet up the hill.  I should'nt have bothered with the trail and it woulda took me like 2 minutes instead of an hour lol   Oh well, i need the exercise anyway.  The hint to where to look wasn't too hot, it mentioned looking for roots of a fallen tree, and they are everywhere.  The spot was actually a massive indentation in the ground..i guess the tree root structure was ripped up here but its long since grown over.  I was so happy to find it too, as i was about to give up!

Mission (finally) accomplished!

My reward was 4 black Marbles that were inside the cache :D

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