Sunday, December 28, 2014

Van-Life Crisis 1 Week No Skill Van Conversion

800$ as of 12/2014

Ship it to you from, put it in a cargo van, like puzzle pieces.  You can do it cheaper with some substitutions (walmart has some cheaper alternatives), but i think this is good comfort vs cost.  Id take the aquatainer and put it in one of the top storage cubes, and dishpan in cube under it for a gravity sink.

 A * indicates items ive used in my campervan over the last year and half.

Layouts shown above and below are not to scale obviously, but should be decent estimates.

Adjust accordingly, if your van doesn't fit the 6 cube storage, buy the 4 cube and you should be good.

 If you have questions or use part of or this entire conversion, drop a comment below! 

  • Folding Futon from Walmart (Cheaper alternative)
Mobility (Especially important for low top vans!)


 ( i did sign up as an affiliate, doesnt hurt right)    


  1. Water container upgrade. LCI mil spec 5 gallon ...

  2. Curtain option, These really do block out 100% of the light, I have held them up to the sun, nothing. At 54" length there good for most standard vans, not a high top. You will need two but about half the price.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Funnything about those curtains they were 14 bucks when i linked them...then quickly jumped to 40. Good thing about them tho is they are so long you can cut them for additional curtains in a lowtop van.

  4. i swapped out those curtains for a cheaper one.

  5. This is my third and final attempt to comment. Nice blog! Helpful. I'll bet working at a motel is a sweet deal for a guy living out of his van. I read everything you wrote, I like how you keep most subjects short.

  6. Hmm not sure why ya coulnt comment the other times, but thanks! Youd think i would get a sweet parking spot or a room, but the owner wont let me near the place if im off the click. :/

  7. This concept is brilliant. You have done a very good job presenting a way for someone with no real building experience to make a van a livable home..

  8. Thanks a lot jon, thats what im goin for, i hope it helps someone out

  9. I am grappling with whether to camp with flashlights and cooler or to install house battery for lights, thermoelectric cooler and fans. Simplicity versus complexity. And size concerns. I have a Nissan NV200, a small cargo van. Wall insulation? Yes or no?

    1. Hey gary, as with most stuff, it depends :) Mainly on finances, climate and how long youll be away from ice. For anout 800 you can get a solar system, 2 marine batteries, and a small dc fridge. Minus 300 to 350 if you skip solar for another charging source (i love solar tho). Shouldnt take up much more room than a cooler. The thermo electric fridges are nearly worthless and just drain battery. A dorm fridge is doable but kills batteries in about a year (experience here). Insulation is a yes for extreme weather, but can skip it if you plan to snowbird (move with mild climate).

  10. Nice writeup, this and the 320 i hour are very usefull for those who might not have the skills or inclination to build