Friday, January 23, 2015

Measure twice? More like 20..

Looking at my plans for the van layout, after relocating the bed it's quite apparent that the van is thinner than I believed it was. It's not a huge deal especially since my bed folds up but I'll have to make some adjustments like  my cabinets are probably going to be smaller.  Not quite sure where I got the measurements from, I might have just taken them off line which could have meant they were from a different model van. Or maybe I'm just looking at different parts of the van because it's curved. I think given the nature of a van its just going to be easier to use cardboard templates than measuring.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Transformers, more than meets the eye!

bed is cut to 35 x 75
 From sleeping mode....

Mattress slides forward a little due to curve at back.
To workspace mode!

Wanted to get pics up , it could use some more support in middle and i have an idea on how to replace bungees with something stronger, but I'm pretty satisfied!

I want to put a tall cabinet that is accessible from the driver side rear door for tools etc, and I am planning to put either a slide out or folding table/desk that goes across the passenger rear door side from the side of that cabinet, so when I put up the bed i can convert to a work space.

 ply, $20
 2x3, $3
hinges, $16
 screws (100pk), $5

Bungees and Mattress were on hand.

Update:   I don't feel, in the end, that the floor space gained by this was a good trade off for the under bed storage you lose by keeping that area of the floor open for use.   Maybe if you had to haul sizable cargo for work or something.

G20 Conversion, fold away bed

So my current van is a 85 Chevy G20, pretty similar to my previous van but it has windows and was converted by someone else before I bought it.  It had a bed across the back, over wheel well boxes he built.  This would have been fine, and how I had my bed in the other van, but because the mattress is longer than the van is wide, it had to be squeezed in.   The G20 has a window right where this happens though, and it caused the mattress to ooze into the window and skew it.

It drove me crazy.   So I started thinking of ways to fix the bed, and I decided i wanted it to sit along the wall between the slider and the rear door, lengthwise.  I need to have some storage on the other side, so the bed would be too wide for me to place my gigantic feet, so i wanted to do a pullout 'gaucho' style bed/sofa.

Rough plan, there will be many modifications..
But then I had the idea of putting the bed completely away, and using the space as a work area/office.

So sat. i set up a frame so the bed will fold up against the wall when not in use.  The frame is done and working, just need to cut the mattress down to fit the smaller space it has to go in.  Those darn curved walls always get ya in the van.   Ill post pictures once i finish getting it all fitted in. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

No Skill Conversion Upgrades

I decided to add an optional section to the 1 week No Skill Conversion.   What I mean by the optional is items that will upgrade or enhance your living experience beyond the essentials.  They may replace other items on the list that serve a similar purpose.  They still will require little to no technical expertise beyond plugging things in or simple connectors etc. 

They are NOT reflected in the conversions overall price estimate.

Added so far:
Check back for list updates as I get more suggestions.