Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Conversion: Kitchen

Well, except for some minor tweaks, the kitchen cabinets are in and done.  Its not how i plannned but im running out of time.  The mountains here are already hitting freezing temps and snow will be coming.  I relocated the electrical over there too.

 I used pocket screws and 2 sheets of cheap plywood, breadboard finish on top and lacquer elsewhere.  And way too much time.  I might add paint, and more doors later. Cost was 60-70 bucks.  Beats a walmart particle board anyday.

Moving on to the roof rack, then the closets.  A tuneup if i can find someone to do it same day and im outta here. 


  1. A tune up will save you money in the long run if it really needs one, the closets can be done later.
    Just a thought...

    1. I can do both, the problem is finding people around here to actually do it, and without me leaving the van there until they get round to it. :/

  2. I'm in the planning stage of Van conversion. Low tech and simple send the way to go - less chance of things breaking. I'll be copying your kitchen setup. Happy travels.