Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Conversion: Rock n Roll Style Bed Frame

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down position:
[Image: a4642f9f7bfd94402e8193a377d797f8.jpg]
up (mostly, stuffs in way):
[Image: 883d1f4289360700c315db34b613960f.jpg]
rear door view:
[Image: 62f19178706b609e2b0b59a25b3030e8.jpg]

This bed frame was a bit of a learning experience for me, I think it can be done better/lighter and with more storage room, but Im not hatin it.   I need to upholster my mattress, so until then im in bed mode only.  Which is fine for now.  The choice of OSB might turn some people off, but its the thickest board you can get for 13 bucks (5 bucks if you get the top piece from stack) and my last bed used it on top as well for 2 years with no problems.  

Im working on the galley now, and trying out my pocket screw jig, which seems pretty nifty.  I went a little trigger happy with it though and added pocket holes i didn't need to at one point but oh well, no one will see em lol

I have also added 2 ladder racks (the kind with just the poles spanning the van) to the roof and painting treated lumber to go up there for a rack/platform, for my panels and maybe some storage.  I decided that painting sucks :\  But its a lot cheaper than buying a metal rack, and this way i can customize it.

Update:  This bed has been retired.  I think the bed if made like this isnt feasible, as it is too heavy to fold and unfold easily.  Also it is so limiting with storage space underneath, the trade off for sitting space when in seat form is not worth it.  I think it can be viable with some weight saving materials and design tweaks however.  

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