Monday, January 11, 2016

Over Before It had Begun

For the meager few who follow this blog, you may have been wondering what happened to the posts, the videos, my grand plans to travel the road.   Well Everything was all set, van converted, with a week to go.   Then the van broke down.   :(   It hit me on 2 fronts, the engine has an issue, and underneath there is something wrong with, I believe, the u-joint.

So months of depression kind of settled in.   Tried to get someone to look at the van at first but then just gave up.   Someone recently did listen to the engine and made some suggestions, but I dont think I like the idea of taking it on the road any longer or sinking more money into it.

Anyway, I kind of lost the desire to blog or youtube (connection sucks anyway here), mostly as there wasn't much of interest for me to say...sitting in a family members yard slowly eating away my savings.

I've decided to try to fix up at least the engine on the van if i can cheaply, and then sell it as a mechanic special.   I'm going to try to buy a pickup truck, and eventually go with a trailer once i get some more funds coming in.  The reason is I like the idea of having 4x4 if I do need it, and this also creates a modular setup for my home and vehicle, so if something happens to one I am not stuck without the other (like now).

So, will i need to get a new shitty job, and risk tying myself up again to misery?   Looks that way.  Ive been trying to generate income selling some wooden signs I make, like the one above, on facebook and my etsy shop, but Its been more like beer money than "live off and maybe save up to buy a trailer" money (i dont actually drink...).  I am going to try my hand at making bentwood jewelry next.  

 Just gotta remember that:

Ah well, there is the state of things.