Monday, March 28, 2016

Update and a Thank You

Just a quick update on things.  Not much has changed in regards to the van, but i have bought a popup trailer.

It needed a little work on it so i got a decent deal, but as i investigated it more it needs more than i thought.  Its very big too, bigger than i realized.  I am planning to fix it up and maybe resell it.

Im looking for a truck still but its proving difficult.  Maybe trade the camper for one?  we'll see.

My sign making hit a lull in sales but started to pick up just recently, got some custom jobs.  If it keeps up i might be able to save again and increase my food budget lol

Finally, a special thank you to all those who visited and posted lately. Sorry i didnt see the messages sooner, i think the email notifications are iffy!  But thanks!