Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Launch of Wright Wood Crafts website

Announcimg the launch of my wood crafting site.  Up to now I have been primarily relying on etsy as my only web presense, but lately I have found that lacking.  I wanted my own domain I can stamp my signs with to refer people to, as well as a place to show off all the work that I have done, even if they aren't for sale (such as some of the cool custom work I do).

And since I'm a cheapskate, not just in vanliving but everything, I went with a website method that costs me only $13 dollars a year.  So ill share it with you.  I can probably even go cheaper if i use a 3rd party domain, but for ease of use I just used google domains.  Basically I made another blog like this one...why pay expensive web hosting when I can have that for free?  You can do just about everything you need to with blogger and some custom code. For the e-commerce end, I'm just linking to etsy for now but plan to cut etsy out of main website and use the free shopping cart Square gives me.   Just haven't had much internet lately to get it up yet, so might be some construction mess over there :)

Btw, if you want to take payments for credit cards, use Square...cheaper than any other way and as mentioned, free shopping cart, no listing fees, and you pay the same if you swipe on smartphone, or invoice (square lets you send invoices to email like paypal).  They also transfer the money to your account next day automatically.  We get free processing if you use my link there too.

Now I just need to make some more marketable products lol

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