Sunday, April 3, 2016

Possible fix for the van?

Though ultimately i would like to have a 4x4 pickup,but for now i need transport, especially if i need a job.  Fortunately a mechanic is opening a shop on the street i am on, and he seems like a nice guy.  I think i will have him look at it.

 I might try to work a deal out with him for the labor in exchange for a business sign.   That would be a huge help if he did, as it would save me precious funds and also give me experience doing larger scale signs.

In other news, i completed my second custom sign order, and actually got paid for it.  I think some potential customers did not understand that personalized work needs payment ahead of time, because it can not be sold to anyone else and carvings cant be erased :(  Ah well, hopefully more work will start coming in.

And if the van is fixed i could hit up the flea market.


  1. Whoa, glad to see you're updating again! I'd suggest searching youtube for your problems with your van. If nothing else, you'll get an idea of what is wrong and how much/ how long it should take to get it fixed.

    The tilt steering was loose on my van and from searching Youtube and online forums, I knew it wasn't terribly complicated but it would take a decent mechanic about an hour to fix it. I took my Van to a shop that I had done business with before and left it for repair. When I went back to get it, they wanted to charge me $330 dollars. The part was $10 and their labor is $104 per hour.

    I told them that is not how long it takes to fix the problem and is not what I was quoted, time wise. The immediately knocked over $200 off the price.

    I'm glad I had done some research (and sadly won't go back to that shop, but the mechanics there are top notch)

    1. Yep i hear ya. I did try to research it, but the problem is diagnosing it. Good news is the mechanic down the street is willing to barter a business sign for labor, so i might come out of this ok and with some experiece working larger signs.