Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Staying busy, staying positive

With the weather finally breaking, i find i can keep a little busier.  Helps stave off depression.    I think whenever i start getting down ill just make a sign for practice.  Pallet wood is around here. I just carved up 2 custom sign orders, I hope more come in.  I also made a Mother's Day sign i am hoping will sell, etsy is pretty good on holidays im guessing.


I might try putting up a seperate site/blog for my signs.  Etsy is great but the fees are less through square if i can make a direct sale through that.  Also be nice to have a portfolio of all my work, not just item listings.  So people can get an idea for custom orders.

Im going to move into my popup camper this week, so i can take the van to the mechanic empty.  No need for him to have all my stuff, when i need it.  Trying to resell the camper has been a bust anyway.  Maybe ill get the van springs fixed/upgraded to haul it lol

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