Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Too much space?!

So I am preparing to drop the van off to the mechanic soon, and moving my stuff to the camper.  Im guessing in a barter system, my van wont be a priority time wise for him.   But what strikes me is just how small an amount of stuff i have in a different context.  In the van i felt a little cramped, like it was time to cut back on some things.  But i have most of it in the popup camper and i have not even used any of the cabinetry or under seat storage areas!   It is almost like i have more space than i know what to do with.  Which is a strange feeling.

But on the other hand, i used the other king size bed for my workshop storage.  I took all of the cushions and doubled up where ill be sleeping, and now all my wood stock,paint cans and completed signs replaced them.   I had a hard time placing these things in the van, and if i was to go on the road with just the van again, i would definitely consider at least a rooftop carrier for some of that.

I had a little wasp problem too.  I went around the camper with duct tape trying to better seal up. Shot a nest nearby with spray last night.  The carport im half under is a nesting area, so im going to try a weird strategy, putting up a fake nest called The Waspinator.   Apparently it keeps them from building, cause they dont like other wasps...cant say i blame them.  It seems to have good reviews on amazon.

Now to find some second hand king size sheets, the new ones are just too expensive.

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