Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bentwood rings are pretty cool

At the sister's, showing off my pine ring

The first 'prototype' of a bentwood ring, if you will.  Its made of pine, so not to impressive looking, but I'm saving the good stuff for finished products.   Bentwood rings are made from real wood, hand bent around a round object in layers.   They are extremely strong, stronger than something made on a lathe, and due to the finish, they are nearly waterproof.  I couldn't crack this ring with my hands no matter how hard i tried (could flex it a little).   I was impressed.  

The trickiest part is getting the sizing correct, but I am starting to dial it in.   Hopefully it will be another wood craft I can add to my handmade wood craft business at . Some of these rings sell on etsy for as much as $120+, tho i doubt ill ask for that kinda scratch.

But even if they do not sell, I enjoy wearing one myself anyway.   I love cherry wood so I will probably make one of those myself.   I actually have quite an assortment of domestic and rare woods to use with funky grain patterns, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they look in ring form.

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