Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WV Banding Together

As you may have heard the area I am currently staying in has been devastated by floods.  Altho I can walk in any direction and encounter devastation, I am safe.  The homestead Im at now is on a hill, but many around us are not so fortunate.   Ive been joining up with the family and local people from the church and been heading all over with 2 grills and water and feeding people.  It really lifts my heart to see the TREMENDOUS outpouring of donations and supplies.  Each little town seems to have someone somewhere reaching out to others.   We had to go back pretty far off the beaten path, past roadblocks and collapsed roads, and set up a tiny general store once.   Yet even back there we served up about 100 hotdogs to muddy, tired but grateful people.  The people at the store had been devasted, mud everywhere and their cabinetry literally ripped out into the muck.  But they generously offered us a spot to set up in their cramped driveway
Most will probably remember the jaw dropping images of burning floating houses smashing into bridges or buried cars, but the people running around and giving everything they can to help one another will be carved into my mind.  Ive been critical of the people here in the past, but when it comes down to it, most are good people at the core.

Might be a little muddier but still, Almost Heaven.  West Virginia.


  1. Been a while since this post. How's it going now? Dry yet?

  2. Thanks for asking! I'm dry, but I'm worried about some people who are just getting back to their homes (the ones who have em still), as they are calling for a lot of rain in the next week. Hopefully it will just be some intermittent showers and no deluge. I could use some more sun too for the solar in my van, at this rate my batteries are taking a pounding.