Friday, July 22, 2016

Its work i guess

Finally ran out of money.  Couldnt get to do the amazon camper force thing so had to settle for a similar job at big blue.  I really dont like it...wanted part time, they told me part time , but im already scheduled 40 hours.  Big retail mindset is in full effect, with what i call institutionalized stupidity.  Policies for policies to govern policies.  A thin veneer of fake corporate friendliness, but the sleeze shines through the cracks.  Low pay offer that they are sure to tell you is non-negotiable.   The 30min anti-union propaganda film.  the making me clock 5 mins earlier to avoid giving me a mandatory lunch.   Classifying you as a new hire for 6 months, withholding benefits for a year.  But they care about you!  ha!   I guess im just too used to working with actual people, not cogs in an emotionless machine.