Monday, August 29, 2016

For better or worse, back in the van I go...

I am starting to migrate my living area from the camper back into the van.    winter is coming on and it will be a lot easier to heat the van.   I will also clean up and try again to sell the camper... even if i have to take a huge loss.   Some money is better than none, and i might be able to parlay some of that cash into a new method of income. 

 Im thinking of trying my hand at selling liquidated stock.   Only problem is (well besides money) is its sold in pallets, so I'd have to squeeze it into the van...that i will soon be occupying.   Maybe i can rig the van up in such a way that i can create enough space to break a pallet down and put it inside. 

I'd really like to hit the road now that the van is running.  But im not afraid to admit im wary of doing that a now that the safety net i had last year is gone.

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  1. Saw an RV couple on YouTube (can't recall which channel) who buy antique maps, magazines, and other slim paper items in thrift stores and then resell them online. They used to sell all kinds of things, but since they took to RV life, they stick to things they can store easily in the RV and ship in envelopes and bubble mailers.

    Vanholio used to sell books, DVDs and CDs on Amazon and Ebay. There too, easier to store and you can buy one or two sizes of mailers bulk. Shipping was cheap via USPS media mail. Even items I sold for a penny, I'd ship for a bit less than the $3.99 I'd get for shipping fee and pocket the change. Between the change and the odd item that sold for bigger money, I'd average about $10 an hour net for my efforts. That was about 8 years ago, so I'm not sure if changes in shipping costs and online listing fees would still work out. But it's worth investigating.