Monday, August 8, 2016

Well that didnt last long.

For a variety of reasons, i gave up on working for walmart.  The largest of which was a soul crushing depression i started to experience.  I just didnt have it in me to go in today, effectively firing myself.   Ive never done such a thing before, but i just couldnt muster another 2 weeks ...hell,one minute of that place.   They had me scheduled to work 6 days straight,  spread over two pay weeks so it actually doesnt pay me overtime.  Did i mention i was supposed to be part time?  Ill try to find an actual human to work for, or make money some other way.  Its just not worth my sanity.


  1. Happy to hear you came to your senses. Gypsy Joe

  2. I worked for Walmart several years ago. I didn't last long either. I was part time and kept getting past over for full time. Wanted fill time for the medical benefits.