Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Death of a cheap solar charger, cheap replacement not great?

To be fair, i murdered it.   When moving my batteries, i switched the poles....so yeah, zapped it in like 1 second.   Fairwell cheap renogy kit controller.   I am basically broke, so i found a replacement for 14 bucks on amazon.   It seems to be working....sorta.   I noticed last night that my batteries were low,12.0

My nephew was running the vent fan but still, it was early in the night.  Today around 11, usually when batteries are nearly full and voltage is up around 13+ from panels chargjng, it was 12.4.   Odd, but there was some shade.   Checked at 3, no shade, and still 12.4 and the charger is blinking like its in float?!   Should be at least 12.7.   I know my batteries are not fried, because they were at 12.7 even after the panels were off it.

I dont think the float charge is set high enough on this controller, but i cannot locate the manual, I am not positove it came with one.  Couldnt find it online, pretty sure its a chinese product, so hoping someone out there knows how to adjust it, if it can be adjusted.  I posted on the amazon product page, hoping a buyer with manual woll help me out.

Unhooked my fridge to try to prevent dipping below 12.2 until i figure it out.

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