Monday, October 3, 2016

Tiny Pallet Home Part 1

Humble beginnings.

Although I am happily living in my van, some people are not quite as fortunate.  Recently a friend of mine found himself homeless.  Since my relatives have property, they let him stay on it but just have no room in their home.

So I gave him my tent for now, but with winter coming on he will need warmer shelter.  We are in the Appalachian mountains.  He insists on doing most of the work himself, but wanted me to go ahead and document it as we go along so it might help others out there.

We are trying to do it as cheaply as possible and quickly.  Please bear this in mind as you follow this build.  It might not be the right way to do something, actually it probably wont be, but it will be the cheapest and easiest way we could figure out.  It might not even be perfectly square or level.  Shelter is the primary objective here.

Breaking down pallets.

The idea is to make the shelter a little over 6 ft wide, and 12 ft long, and 7-8ft tall. It will have a pitched roof, since one side will have walls that are about a foot lower.  The plan so far for the roof will be inexpensive osb, covered with something (undetermined).   Insulation and exterior sheathing as of this posting are also up in the air as we explore options.