Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Farewell West Virginia

It was time to leave.   The next day the temps were supposed to drop down into the mid to low teens and snow was coming.   Not this time!   I took off like a bat out of heck, and headed for the warm south.

I was definitely nervous about this, more so than when I was going to go last year.   But I was also kinda glad to finally be setting out.   I decided on the way I would pay one last visit to the New River Gorge and bridge.

Its a pretty healthy walk down and up the stairs to view the gorge, but the views are pretty mesmerizing.   I stopped at the visitor center, which has a sorta WV museum inside that was really cool.  Lots of old mining stuff and even an old bible.    If you want a pretty silent walk through of the display, heres a video I took:

From here I am heading to overnight at the Beckly, WV walmart then onto North Carolina!