Thursday, December 29, 2016

Introducing The Campsite Compendium

So now that i am on the road, I have been staying at a lot of campsites and cool spots, and maybe some not so cool ones.   But the goal has been to spend as least as possible for camping on my travels. has been an invaluable resource for this, as has walmart allstays, cracker barrels, and truck stops.

While some of the information provided is helpful, I kept wishing there was more I could know about these places before I head there and try to find them.   GPS is great but time and again I found myself in the middle of no where and not quite there, so I started recording my drive into each campground (when possible) and documenting the site a bit.  I also wanted a place I could personally find the spots i've been to if I am ever going through the area again.

I will have a playlist up on youtube for each part of the compendium (fastest updates there), and on this blog I will do a more detailed post for each one, with my thoughts on the campsite or things I've done nearby.   I will also be adding a link in the menu above to the campsite compendium that will be indexed by state so you can easily find each site.

I'm working on the format, so it may undergo some changes in the future, but check it out here or in the menu above.

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