Thursday, December 29, 2016

Marsh WMA, Gresham SC

Marsh WMA
Murray Rd & Pine Log Landing Ct 
Gresham, SC

This was a super convenient place to stay for 2 nights.   Fairly close (30-40 mins?) to the tourist trap of Myrtle Beach, this little camp was surprisingly enjoyable.   This is mostly a hunting spot, but you are free to camp there to for up to 4 days.  

I followed the GPS coordinates on freecampsites, and it left me hanging a good ways from the campsite itself at night.   This lead to several sharp frantic turns as I followed signs to get there.  Use the cross streets above in google navigation or the coordinates I provide to get closer to the kiosk.

The road into this place is sand, and its a marsh, so while well packed it will flood out.   I met a great local here with his dog who stopped for a chat, and I asked how bad was it to get out of here when it was raining. He told me dismissively that it wasn't a problem at all.   

Then he proceeded to tell me, with sincerity, how they come back through there all the time in their john boats and don't even scrape the propellers at all. Needless to say when it started pouring after 2 days I took off like a bat out of hell, and just barely made it.   So go if the sky is dry, but avoid in wet conditions unless you have 4x4.

You can only camp in designated campground area, namely, the area right across from the Kiosk.   They have a log at the kiosk in the bird feeder (weird..) so be sure to fill it out.  I just put camping for reason i was there.  I think its mostly for hunters anyway but better safe than sorry.

The site itself was neat though, there is a brick fireplace and a roofed area.   Next to it you can find a hand well with water (little brown, not sure if potable) and a sink.   I think this is mostly to help with game processing, and there is a rack nearby to hang up your catch.  

During the day you can see all kinds of awesome wildlife, I saw a bunch of different birds in vibrant colors.  Without hunter orange clothing of some sort, I didn't want to hike too far into the woods.  Other than that, not much out there.  The local guy told me that travelers often do camp there and then drive into Myrtle Beach instead of paying for an RV park, and so I felt a little better doing the the time.  

Get the idea I didn't enjoy Myrtle Beach?  lol   I will touch on it a bit since its the reason I came to this site.   I know I went in the off season, so i adjusted my expectations.   Even then the whole place felt very..hmm...trashy?   One street away from the beach I saw dumpy houses with junk all over the yard and a couch hanging off the curb.  Its like a slum dressed up as an attraction.

Walking down the main strip near the board walk hustlers and hawkers nearly assaulted me.   There were no public restrooms in sight, and it generally seemed run down.  

Worried I had judged the place too harshly, maybe all beach tourism towns were like this.  But panama beach florida busted that theory.  Unlike Myrtle they didn't just want to squeeze some tourist dollars out of people and do the bare minimum necessariy to facilitate that goal, they actually built up the area and made it nice.  The people who lived there cared about the area beyond it's ability to milk cash from tourists and it showed.

Anyway, check out the video of Gresham, SC below, and subscribe while you are at it so you can catch my Myrtle Beach video as well when I upload it.

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