Friday, December 30, 2016

Savanna Historic Visitor Center, Savannah GA

Savannah Historic Visitor Center
301 MLK Blvd
Savannah, Georgia

Located right smack in the middle of the historic district, the Savannah Visitor Center seems like an unlikely camping spot.   Well the term camping is used lightly, as they do not allow tents or grills but they do allow overnight parking and even have large RV specific spots.   

You can stay here for $8 dollars a night, or $14 for 2 nights.   I know you are shocked, I actually paid for camping?  Well, you have to pay for parking pretty much anywhere in the district anyway, so you get parking and a place to stay for one price, with the perk of being within walking distance of everything worth seeing in Savannah.   If thats still not good enough, you can park for free at a pilot I visited briefly before entering the city, right off I-95.   Or...if you are feeling daring, after hours the visitor center opens their gates and lets anyone in, so you could slip out in and out at night without anyone the wiser.  YMMV.   I think they may do the same on weekends.

Even the stairs are historic :)
But turns out the $8 was money well spent.   This site isn't about where you park your rig as much as what is around it.  Savannah, GA's downtown, river market, and historic district is absolutely beautiful.  Every street, house, plaza and even back alley is like a work of art taken out of a museum.   I keep wandering to parks in the distance to sheepishly discover it wasn't a park, but just a traffic median strip...that just so happens to have picturesque statues, fountains and amazing greenery. 

Apparently Savannah was big in the earlily days of quite a few churches, so they are represented throughout. Statues and giant churches built on the remains of other churches.   Some were replaced by more humble businesses, but respect is still paid with signposts and plaques to the original places.

The man who sold me my pass at the visitor center suggested I check out the river market if I get the chance, so eventually I got my bearings and limped on down there.   It was about a mile away but I was excited, feeling vindicated in stopping here for the night, especially after my disappointing visit to Myrtle Beach.  

The area did not disappoint.  The cobblestone streets lead down to some 'historic stairs' that take you down to the water.   I was hoping to see an old riverboat.   There were two there, tho I think they are gas powered rather than steam ;)  Good enough, and they make a lovely backdrop against the sunset.

The River Market area was packed with a pretty varied array of shops, clubs, restaurants and even a pet store.   usually I avoid tourist area shops like the plague, and while the usual stuff was present a lot of the shops were unique and clever in their approach (ill admit the 2 stores beside each other, Bob's your Uncle, and Fanny's your Aunt got a smile out of me).

Walking along the edge of the river, I found a pretty awesome WWII memorial.  It was a world split in two, and inside were names inscribed.  Pretty powerful and sobering message, kudos to the artist.

As night was approaching, and the clubs started cranking up the music, I found one more statue near the river exit out to the bay.  I wish pictures at night could do it more justice, but the statue depicts a woman and her dog waving at travelers both arriving and leaving on their voyage.   It felt like a fitting stopping point for my visit to Savannah.

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  1. We stayed at the visitors center & it was a great place to park for the night, centrally located to be a tourist! It's a nice find & Savannah was a good town to be a tourist.