Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yates Place, Troy NC

Yates Place
700 Dusty Level Rd
Troy, NC 27371

Yates Place campground is a small campground in Uwharrie Forest in Troy NC that I spent 2 nights at in November 2016.  This was a great camping spot after my visit to the town of Mayberry not too far from this location.  

The campsite is pretty easy to find, coming from town you want to look for a cemetary across from the turn in to Dusty Road.  The road into the campground is gravel, but well maintained, probably because there are homes back there and school buses do go down these roads.   At first I thought a skoolie conversion camper was coming into camp, but it was the local school bus making a turn in the overflow area that is available right before the entrance proper to the campsites.  

There are several campsites available, during my time here very few were actually occupied.   Most of the people who come to this campsite do so to backpack on the trail or hunt.   In fact there isn't much else you can do in this area.  Though other parts of the forest has jeep and 4x4 trails galore, they are not allowed at this end.  So it is a pretty quiet experience at night.  Most sites are near to the gravel road, but traffic is sparse.

Each site has a picnic table and fire ring.   Some of the sites have a lantern pole but not all.   The sites are pretty close together, so if it is busy plan to cozy up to a neighbor.   If you are lucky enough, and you value a little privacy, there is one site by itself to the left of the road in the woods, right before you get to the trail gate.

The site has a pretty standard vault toilet, but it was clean.  Bring your own toilet paper though.  Bearproof trash cans are provided in the middle of the camp.  There is no water available, but the dollar general is about 8 mins away in town, and has a propane exchange (that i needed!).  

The locals seem very friendly.   The highlight of my stay was meeting a young man named George who owned the hammock in the picture above.  Polite almost to a fault, but clearly welcoming some company and conversation from someone living a similar life. 

He actually had been living in this and a nearby campground while attending community college and his enlistment in the area.  He told me that he hasn't had any problems out there or seen a ranger.  Unlike me he lives the more survivalist lifestyle, and feels like it will help him transition into the military easier.  His tale is fascinating, involving losing his father to PTSD and his reasoning for following in his footsteps, but if you want the details, you might have to seek him out yourself there, in Yates Place.

Be sure to check out my video below, where I show the road into the site and give a little video tour:

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