Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Escribano Point WMA - Pensicola FL

Escribano Point WMA (Bayside)
Grassy Point Road
Milton, Florida

GPS: 30.513937, -86.948858 (turn-in to clay road, follow this road till it ends, no deviations!)
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Welcome friends to probably my favorite campsite since I left in my travels (up to this date of course).   This campsite is a little tricky to get to if you try to find it with a normal car GPS, but it is well worth it.   This site is located very close to Pensacola Florida (Navarre), so if you want to explore this area, this is a terrific home base to do so from, for free.

Google navigation will take you the whole way, but car gps will repeatedly try to make you take small sandy roads that you WILL get stuck on without 4x4.   You want to take the paved roads until you get to a wide, well packed, bright red clay road just to the right before you enter the air force base proper.   

Follow this road till it ends.  This road is a looong curving road first one way then the other, with many little jeep trails that cut across from it in one point to connect it at another.   Your GPS hates you, and will want to get you stuck in these places because it thinks you want to get there faster at the risk of getting stuck.  Ignore it both going in and out.

The campsites do require reservations, which can be done very easily online here.   I made mine right before I left and a fellow vandweller I met at there picked an empty spot and then reserved it right there.   If you dont have internet and its business hours, there is a number to call them to make a reservation.   Your reservation can be up to 10 days, they do not have to be consecutive.

The site I had was site number 2.   About half of them are right on the water, and all of them have a large fenced area with fire ring and large table. Site 2 had a tree in it, but not all do.   The ones without trees can probably fit most sized RVs, they are very wide sites.    They are not pull through sites however.

Most have their own trash can.  There are 2 porta potties available, one regular and one handicap accessible.   I was there in winter, and while it was never free and clear of insects, they were a minor annoyance a little deet handled.

The sunsets here are unspeakably gorgeous, right over the water.   There is a mist on the far shore that refracts the light, and its splendid.  The water is very shallow, you can walk a pretty far distance out.   The water is extremely salty, I don't think you have to worry about gators here.  You can walk just steps from your campsite to a bench set just for viewing, or go down to the beach and follow it out to the point.  The trees here are lovely, covered with (i believe) spanish moss.   Even the dead ones on the beach look nice.

I will 100% be returning to this campsite if I ever go down there again.   I stayed there on christmas, and it was cool watching my neighbors celebrate with a little potted tree on the picnic table. and rv leds, with christmas music playing.   The kids got theiir gifts then went and played in their shorts and bathing suits at the tire swing.  :)

I highly recommend you visit there too.


  1. Wow! Nice spot. I've plans to hit Fla next fall. If they go forward, I'll stop by here for sure.

  2. I've never been to Florida. This entry certainly makes me want to, though. Maybe next year, if I can tear myself away from the Southwest. ☺ Nice post. Well written and engaging!