Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just a quicky update!

The moon was huge, despite the lies my camera tells

Greetings from the present, which is this blogs future...i guess lol   Im trying to catch up on my travels, but wanted to just update to say I'm being heavily distracted by the RTR in Quartzsite, so at least I have a good excuse!  :D

Is someone cooking a chair?

Ive already met some great people, some colorful people, some crazy people, and hoping to get to know more soon.  If you are there look for the big blue van with the white wood rack and say hi!


  1. Great people, colorful people, and crazy people? They must all be us. We tick all those boxes. :)

  2. Dude. You really need to do a more recent update! :-) Seen ya yesterday trying to find a place to plop over at Ehrenberg. We were in the car scoping it out. I did a new blog entry about RTR. You're in it. Keep in touch if you've a mind to.

    1. Haha, I was actually looking for a brown table in the desert lol I do need to get caught up, been waiting for data which just reupped and get motivated. Saw you in bobs los algodones vid when i had some wifi :D Was it fun?

    2. the table was like 1000ft from my camp, right in plain site lol

    3. Yeah. We drove by that table and I thought it weird. Was that a meeting place for you? Los Algodones was fun. Nothing scary about it. Just do it. I've not seen the video yet. That was probably scary! LOL

    4. Yeah, there was a meetup and then a bbq the next day. Loved the guy asking about a brothel lol