Thursday, January 5, 2017

Peter's Point Park, Fernandina Beach Fl

Peters Point Park
1974 S Fletcher Ave
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Camping on the beach?   It was definitely one of my traveling bucket list items, and I am glad I did it.   Though to be honest I was rather miserable for most of the night.   :D  The van has spoiled me, most especially the mattress.  You would think sand would be soft and comfy but you would be terribly wrong.   Maybe compared to rocks!

Don't let that fool you though, I had a really nice time here.   Getting to the beach in florida was a kind of mental milestone for me, and walking onto the beach brought a smile to my face.

 Fernandina beach is a gorgeous, upscale, golf resort type of area.   Unlike the other beaches I have visited, this one doesn't seem to care about tourists one way or the other, which is almost a relief.

Of course it has its drawbacks too.   You were once able to freely camp at the beach parks like Peter's Point (there are 3-4 of these on this stretch of beach), but now there are signs forbidding it.   However, you are technically allowed to camp on the beach itself, and that is the loop hole I exercised.

Not the first night though.   I got in late, it was cold and the wind was viscous.   Combine that with the fact I had never before camped on a beach, I decided this wasn't the time to learn.   So I spent my first night at a little walmart nearby.   They give you 48 hours to park an RV, then the police might ticket or tow you.

It was fine, and the next day I hit the park early.   This place is awesome for more than just the beach.   It had been so very long....since I had a HOT SHOWER.   Yep, they have actual hot showers, free and clear for anyone to use.   Not just warm cause the water was sitting in a pipe or something, I mean real heated showers.  Amazing, something I hadn't encountered before or since on my journey.

After my shower I made lunch under one of several pavilions.   Tossed my trash in one of many trash cans around, then boldly walked down the boardwalk to pitch my tent on the beach and set up my chair.

I wasn't sure where exactly to put my tent.   I was pretty sure the dunes were a no go, as they were home to wildlife (I saw a turtle in its lil hole..), and past the dunes were tracks from the vehicles that had permits to drive on the beach.   There is about 10 feet from there to the high tide line, and thats where I pitched my tent.   Others were doing the same.

This bird was my guide.  Note tire tracks
It made me a little uncomfortable putting my tent up just a few feet from where vehicles were driving.  Most others had their own trucks or cars out there as a sort of wind screen and car buffer.   I was hard to see in just my little tent.   I tried my best to line my tent up with the others so they might block for me.  Luckily there wasn't too much traffic and late night partying, everyone seemed to want peace that night.

The sound of waves at night are very restful.   I'm sure if I would have dragged my mattress down there and crammed it in my tent I woulda been in heaven, but twas not to be.   My van couldn't make it on the sand, I know because a vandweller in a transit got stuck twice trying it before retreating to the parking lot.   Another vandweller was up there too...despite the rules against it.   So about 2am I gave in and took the walk of shame back to the van for a few hours of blissful sleep.

Still enjoyed the beach, especially that hot shower, and would highly recommend anyone visit there.

Check out my video review of Peter's Point Park:

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