Sunday, February 12, 2017

City Park, Breaux Bridge, LA

City Park
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

GPS: 30.275892, -91.899345
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This small town is a short trip from I-10, and well worth the detour.   I've run across a couple of these small towns who try to revitalize themselves through enticing tourists to the area with free camping.  It is a marvelous idea, and apparently effective because I otherwise would have never known about the place.

The city park is located after you cross the bridge that gives the town its name.   There is a sharp right entrance here but I do not recommend you take it unless you are in a vehicle that will not drag, as it is a steep incline.   Take the street to the light, and make a right, and once you past the cemetary you turn into a much better and wider entrance to the park.   

Its a nice park, and it was pretty much empty save for one or two stragglers and boaters.  Lots of parking, though I did not see any RV specific spots I think you can find places to park.   There is a large field that you may be tempted to park an RV on, but signs indicate that this is no longer something they appreciate.

I believe you can stay two nights, but there is no limit specifically posted.   I stayed one without a problem.  There were a couple of looky loos cruising through and looking at the van, but no police disturbances.

The bathrooms here are excellent, there are pavilions with stone benches (with informative carvings on them), but I did not see picnic tables or grills.   There is non-potable water and electrical outlets at the bathrooms, the electric is on the back side and includes usb ports, regular sockets and a little ledge to put smaller devices on.  These outlets stayed powered all night.   

Im not sure about the womens restroom, but oddly the lights in the mens room did not work at night though they were left unlocked and you could use the facilities.   It might have been a broken motion sensor.

There is a canoe rental place in the park, it almost looks like someones home.  I'm not positive on how that all works, but there is a boat launch and a floating dock.

Be sure to check out the sculptures/plaques and stone benches, there is some really cool local lore.  Like the  Native American legend of how the Bayou Teche was created.   


The landscape is lovely.  There is an old cemetery and catholic (i believe) school that shares the parking lot with the park.  I parked right in front of the cemetery, and there were some interesting little religious shrines along that side on the sidewalk.  I don't know their purpose, but they all depicted Jesus in some way.  


Ducks and geese are wandering around, and you can find plenty of relaxing shady spots to chill out and 

Apparently there is a large crayfish festival here every year, and you see posters in several shops.   It seems to me the town is based heavily on antiquing, with the majority of the shops selling them for quite a bit of money.  I absolutely love the southern art and architecture, and you can find it represented well here.

Be sure to check some stores out, but be aware of some that are little more than thrift store/junk stores trying to ride the pricing of their more upscale neighbors (the 'flea market' in town is actually one of these junk stores, not a flea market at all, just a junk store selling like its carrying fancy antiques).  

The food is a little pricey but not unexpected.   I went to the burger joint in town, and the food was ok even though i felt the service was subpar.   I was never given a refill, and when I asked if I could get one as im leaving she replied 'sure you can', suggesting I go get it myself.   Was I supposed to do this all along?  I've been in places like that, but it would have been nice to know that up front.  

Sorry, a bit of a rant there.   There is a classier looking restaurant serving french and Louisiana cuisine nearby, maybe a better option.

But you can't beat the price of free when camping, especially when you don't have to worry about bbeing disturbed.   If you have the chance, walk down to the bridge and take a look inside the control room.   Its kind of interesting seeing the old control system for raising the bridge.    

Check out my youtube video to see the best way to enter the park, and a short tour.