Saturday, December 30, 2017

Where have I gone?!

It's like where's waldo, but a lot less exciting!  I can't believe it has been sooooo long since i stopped posting to this blog.   What can I say?  I'm entirely at fault.  As an apology, I will spam random earth porn of my travels throughout this post :)

My Home While Camphosting
I wanted to make a post or two about the RTR, but once I was there I had so much fun socializing and experiencing everything, the blog just fell to the wayside.   After that I felt awkward posting about ..basically doing nothing for 3 months in the desert while i waited for my camphosting job.   Then after that i was too busy working, and so on and so forth. 

Island Lake, as seen from Grouse Ridge Lookout
Well enough with the excuses yada yada.   I do have some thoughts about the rest of that trip, and I will begin posting recollections of it in a more timely, but casual matter.   Not a linear one..I want to post what I feel like posting about currently, and too much time has passed to be bound by such frivolities as time :)

Did i just reach Enlightenment?   haha

Carr Lake in the Sierra Mountains
 I do have lots of photos and some footage from my time traveling across the country though, so I will be sprinkling it in.  I also want to post about my experience as a camphost, how to get the job and what it did, and could, entail.  And what I am currently up to right now. 

Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see.
Anyway, for anyone who is reading this, thanks for joining my blog as I move forward.   I hope it helps you, or entertains you. 


  1. I hosted out Bowman Lake Road, about 30 minutes from Donnar Pass in northern california

  2. Glad to see that everything is working out for you!