Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you have a terrific 2018 wherever you are!    

My only resolutions are to get a new rig and a way to take a warm shower indoors this year.   That's right, I plan to actually get out of the van, and into something more comfortable to drive long distance, and with more room inside for a shower.   Right now I am not sure what form this will take as I have very little money, but I am currently looking at getting a used minivan, suv or small pickup and either a used small camper to refurbish, or an empty cargo trailer to build out.  

Since my work ended in October, my funds are set for now (savings), but I am hoping to receive unemployment soon while I'm out of work to give me a small boost toward my goals.  I might also be able to sell or trade the van once I know I have a suitable replacement.

Well see, as always if my upgrade plans fall through I still have the van to fall back too.  

To my friends out on the road and on the way to the RTR or already out there, safe travels, I'll be joining you next year :)

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