Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Some Changes. Warning, nerdy post.

Did you know I have a youtube?  If you missed the link above or my occasional posts being augmented with youtube videos, this may be news to you.

Up until my youtube has been pretty sparse.  I know that vandwellers have swarmed to the platform in the last year, it was kid of funny to see a group of 5 or 6 people at the rtr, all pointing cameras at each other while talking.  I'm not disparaging them though, the more people that can do this life style and support themselves, the better.  I found someone i talked to on the road about youtubing on there and it made me really happy.

I think the drama whoring for views is irritating though, but I try to just stay away from that, especially the guys who create drama by complaining about the drama lol.

However, they do make me realize just how bad my videos have been in the past, at least production quality wise.  A big part of that is that i don't have any special equipment nor could i afford any.  So i just used what i had, the cheapest go pro and whatever cell phone i had available.

But i still feel the information i provide is good, genuine, and useful to people.  I also use it myself to go back and remember where i have been with a fond smile.

So even tho i haven't made a penny off youtube yet (they only pay when you reach $100 in ad revenue), and despite youtube cancelling my partnership, because they now require 1000 subscribers, i decided to improve it a bit.  The money would'a been nice to upgrade my equipment but its not why i was making them in the first place.

Price dropped, 1/3 off!

I caught a sale on a piece of equipment that allows me to at least stabilize my camera, called a gimbal.  Sometimes you gotta pull the trigger even if you hadn't planned to yet.  If you watched my videos you will have definitely noticed painful amounts of shaking.  Part of that is a severe limp I have from gout.  This device will hopefully erase that problem.  You can also do some pretty cool, professional looking effects with it.

 A cheap Lav Mic, has good reviews on youtube

I also bought an external mic.  Audio is always terrible with the built in microphones of the go pro and my phone.  As i went back to edit clips of my gopro, i had to abandon whole places i went to because the audio just made it un-watchable.  This will hopefully help at least the cellphone footage.  Of course part of it is my dull voice, but I'm working on it.  I'm not a public speaker or a hyper-energetic, coked up werewolf type person to start with. lol

I wish i could afford a decent camera for video (and earth porn photos) but that just isn't possible (maybe if i get a few patrons on patreon eh?).  But in a way i am excited to see what i'm capable of now given the limitations i have.

Ahh, one day.  One day.
I also plan to make my videos a bit shorter in the future.  I often try to give every bit of info i have on a subject and want people to see all aspects, but i now realize that it just bores viewers and loses focus on the important points.

I plan to convey more of the essentials and gloss over the other stuff.  So more skips.  I think ill trust in my blog to go into more depth and send viewers here if they are interested to learn or see more.  I may do multi-parters as well.   I hate em personally but i can see how a 2 parter might be easier to digest.

So anyway, just a little bit of a technical update.   If you want to see how i improve, head over to youtube and hit the subscribe button to get my videos when they drop.  There will still be some older footage for a while as I don't want to completely abandon all I have from the past few months (mostly campsite reviews), but soon I will be adding in these changes moving forward.

Here is a video I made early on, which i felt had ok production given what I had to work with, lets see if i can top it.


  1. I don't generally do videos, I live on the road & my bandwidth has limits. I do enjoy blogs, there is a lot that can be said in a few paragraphs and some pictures. A couple of paragraphs & pictures do not require a fair chunk of my time either.

    From my point of view it's sad to see the rise of video replacing the written word for just general information.

    Bob Wells doesn't do his blog any more or support his web site, you need to spend 20 minutes or more of your time (plus the bandwidth) on a video to see what he has to say. It's sad but youtube is where the people are...

    Good luck with your videos!

    1. well for me, the blog will always be with the youtubes, in other words the videos are supplemental for visual people.

      Have you thought about grabbing one of the unlimited 3g hotpots for 5/mo? Maybe i should do a post about em.