Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Update, 2 weeks to hit the road and I'm not ready!

Progress continues on the RV Repair.
Just a quick progress update.   Last post I mentioned that I was fixing up an RV in the hopes of taking it with me to my camphosting job.   Progress has been slow up to this point, but some was made today.   The floor is starting to be framed, and I have a better idea of how to attack the problem.

Working on the floor, we had to  pick a spot to begin repairing from.
Look under the cabinet at the wheel well box on the left sharply angled,
this is how bad the 'extended width' has sagged.

The rv is on a 6 foot wide trailer frame, but they wanted to make it 8 foot across.   They put a couple of flimsy metal extensions meant to hold the weight of the walls.  They have bent, sagging both side of the camper.  We are going to have to try to jack up the sides and brace them (since there isn't time or money to redo the whole RV)/   I wish they just made the thing 6 feet wide.   We are rebuilding the floor with joists that run on top of the metal frame, with the 2x4 joists across it for stability.   They had 2x2s running in parallel with the trailer over these thin rails, it made no sense. 

Exhaust being repaired at a friends garage.
As for the new to me truck, turns out it was having a misfire.   After replacing plugs, wires, distributor cap and button, we concluded it must be the distributor itself.   Hopefully sometime this week I can get it replaced with a used one.   I also had my exhaust worked on and it is pretty much squared now.  I also will replace the brakes, though I may not have time for the rear ones before my trip.  The brakes work ok, I just want to be cautious.

I've got my medical in good shape, just need to see the dentist.   I made the mistake of waiting to have a chipped tooth pulled last time I took off, and it cost me a lot in Reno.  I wanted to hit the road by the twelfth to give me a good week and a half to make it to California before I have to be at work, but its starting to look like it will be a tight finish if doable at all.

I hate to admit, that I am at the mercy of other people who are volunteering to help me get stuff done for the most part.  I'm very grateful for a helping hand, but it is a daunting feeling being subject to the schedule and whims of others.   Its a feeling I have striven to avoid by living the van life, and here I am again. 

Oh well, life is all about ups and downs, hopefully I can re-stabilize and come out in a better situation for it when all is said and done.