Cool Resources

These are websites, books, and organizations that I have found invaluable.  I am not being paid by anyone else to endorse anything, though I am perfectly willing to sellout in a heartbeat if you send me some money.  Feel free to contact me.  lol

Vandwelling Websites
  • Cheap RV Living Forum - This is a forum for vandwellers and future vandwellers to socialize and ask others just about anything that has to do with living in a vehicle of any type.  It is owned by Bob Wells, a vandwelling advocate who also has an ebook out about this lifestyle.
  • Yahoo Vandwellers Group  -  A long standing email group about vandwelling.  There is a lot of information here, and my favorite, they have tons of pictures of conversions and ideas.  This is a mailing list style site, which I dislike, so finding the information you want can be a pain.
  • Free Campsites .Net - A very useful website created and run by vandwellers themselves.  It uses google maps technology to display free and pay campsites all over the country and beyond.  If you need a place to park for a while for free, give this site a look first.
  • Boondockers Welcome - This is a low cost membership site similar in concept to couch surfers, but its for parking space.  Members share a spot (and receive a membership discount for doing so) or ask to use someones spot for a period of time (usually a night) and in turn do the same for others. Since rvers and vandwellers, especially snowbirds, are typically away from their home for large periods of time, they have space to offer.
Geocaching Resources
  • - The main geocaching site for the game.  It is a privately owned, for profit company.  There are some other 'open source' caching sites out there, but this is the main one people use.   They offer tons of caches, logging and tracking of them etc.  Their premium membership is very cheap for a year and allows you to better use some features on your devices that make life way easier.
  • C:Geo Android App:  This is a free app for android phones that is really cool. has a paid app, but this connects to your geocaching app and I am pretty sure does everything the other one does.  With the premium account connected, it shows all the caches you need, and on gps equipped phones you can map to them, turn by turn directions to them, and switch to a compass mode when you get close.  I wish my handheld gps was as nice as the phone app, since it doesn't need a cell signal, has faster satellites, and is hardened against damage. :(  They just have sucky maps, sucky software, and no turn by turn directions.

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